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Click on "Download Timetable" and you will find the new provisional schedule of the Conference.

Keynote speakers:


  • Eli Peli, Schepens Eye Research Institute

  • Tony Morland, Director of York Neuroimaging Centre

  • Rob Lucas, GSK Professor of Neuroscience. Manchester

Topics for ESLRR 2019

  • Assessment of visual performance and visual perception

  • Optimising clinical tests, functional tests and PROMs

  • The challenges of reading with visual impairment

  • Vision and mobility

  • Application of laboratory research in the clinical and rehabilitation setting

  • The assistive toolkit: aids, devices, lighting and technology

  • Training, adaptation to vision loss, and coping strategies

  • Ageing  and co-morbidities

  • Children and young people

  • Visual impairment in specific situations: sport, education and employment

  • The service users’ perspective

  • Developing roles and education/certification of rehabilitation professionals

  • Disruptive technology and sustainability

  • Low vision in developing countries

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